The Breadwinner – review @ Small Screen


My review of The Breadwinner can be found at Small Screen.


A Quiet Place – review

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A Quiet Place, the ingenious and effective new chiller from John Krasinski (best known for his role as Jim in the American version of The Office), lets you know from the start that it is not playing around. A title card announces that we are day 89 into some unknown crisis. A group of ragged survivors scavenge a deserted supermarket in complete silence, moving cautiously, voices not even rising to a whisper. Stress is etched into their faces, but what has them so alarmed? An ill-timed outburst of noise and, with a sudden, shocking eruption of ferocious violence, we have our answer: it’s fair to say that A Quiet Place shows its teeth early. Continue reading “A Quiet Place – review”

Team of the Six Nations 2018

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Well, it’s fair to say that things didn’t exactly turn out like I predicted. Continue reading “Team of the Six Nations 2018”

Six Nations 2018 – predictions

My annual Six Nations predictions have not been notable for their Nostradamus-like accuracy but last year in a rare display of competence I had things mostly bang on. I’m hoping to continue the hot streak (once counts as a streak, right?) with my predictions for the 2018 tournament – here’s my (barely) educated guess at the final rankings.  Continue reading “Six Nations 2018 – predictions”