The Best TV Shows of 2017

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We live, as we’re often told, in the Golden Age of TV. And though the likes of Breaking BadThe Wire and The Sopranos may no longer grace our screens, it seems like ever year some new show appears to challenge for their mantle. 2017 was no different, with the emergence of some of the best new shows in years, along with the (in some cases long awaited) return of some beloved fan favourites. Here’s my list of the best TV shows of 2017, starting with: Continue reading “The Best TV Shows of 2017”


The Best TV Shows of 2016


Game of Thrones
After a disappointing fifth series, Game of Thrones‘s sixth season saw it return to form with a big green bang. It was Game of Thrones doing everything Game of Thrones does best: bodices were ripped, blood was spilled, and the air was so thick with intrigue you could cut it with a dragonglass knife. And, of course, a number of major characters met gruesome ends, although for audiences some of these deaths were more distressing than others. Hold the door! Continue reading “The Best TV Shows of 2016”