In Defence of Blink-182’s Neighborhoods

Blink-182's “Neighborhoods” is Our Winner! // The Roundup

Neighborhoods, Blink-182’s sixth album (seventh if you include their 1994 demo), was released on September 27th 2011 to mixed reviews and underwhelming sales. For many fans the much-anticipated record – the first to be released since Blink’s reformation the year before after a years-long hiatus – was a disappointment, a step down from the band’s turn-of-the-millennium glory years. For the band itself, the record would be remembered as one made in difficult and increasingly frustrating circumstances, and the acrimony surrounding its creation would ultimately contribute to founding member Tom DeLonge quitting the band (again) in 2015. To this day it is remembered by many fans and critics as the ugly duckling of Blink’s DeLonge era – an awkward, little-loved record that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the band’s more celebrate back catalogue. Continue reading “In Defence of Blink-182’s Neighborhoods”

All 24 James Bond Films, Ranked

5 Aktor Seksi Pemeran James Bond, Yang Mana Favorit Anda? - Womantalk

Some people spent their lockdown learning a new language or completing DIY projects around the house. I spent mine watching James Bond films – all 24 entries in the official series to be precise. With new entry No Time To Die due out (theoretically in November), here’s my ranking of the Bond films from worst to best, starting with: Continue reading “All 24 James Bond Films, Ranked”

Resident Evil games – the best (and the worst)

Video game preview: 'Resident Evil 3' remake updates an innovative ...

Fittingly for the middle of a pandemic, last month saw the release of Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake, the latest in the venerable and venerated survival horror series about zombie outbreaks and hideous viruses. Over the course of its nearly twenty-five year existence the series has gone through some serious highs and some serious lows. Here’s my countdown to the very best Resident Evil games…beginning with the very worst.  Continue reading “Resident Evil games – the best (and the worst)”

Color Out of Space – review

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One of the best documentaries of the past decade was Lost Soul, which tracked director Richard Stanley’s doomed attempt to fulfil his long-standing dream of directing an adaptation of The Island of Dr Moreau. The documentary follows the film’s troubled production, culminating in Stanley’s firing just a few days into principal photography, to be replaced by John Frankenheimer. When finally released, The Island of Dr Moreau would go down as one of the most fascinating cinematic disasters of the 90s, and Stanley wouldn’t make another feature film for 25 years. Now he returns to the big screen with another labour of love, and this time out proceedings are more of a success, albeit still a qualified one. Continue reading “Color Out of Space – review”

Parasite – review

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Reviewing a film like Bong Joon-Ho’s Korean-language Parasite is particularly difficult, both because of the way it’s genre-fluid action defies easy description, and because, more than most, it is a movie best enjoyed by an audience going in knowing as little as possible. This is a film that constantly surprises, unfolding scene by scene like some kind of intricate puzzle box. Continue reading “Parasite – review”

Everything Costs – The Bittersweet Magic of Radical Face’s Family Tree

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So we start with my father as a boy

So opens “Family Portrait”, the first track (chronologically at least) in Radical Face’s sprawling Family Tree project. Beginning with The Roots in 2011 it would grow over several years to become a saga encompassing forty-four songs over four albums – and one of the most fascinating and moving artworks of the last decade. Continue reading “Everything Costs – The Bittersweet Magic of Radical Face’s Family Tree”

Six Nations 2020 – Team Guide and Predictions

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The first Six Nations after a World Cup can be an odd beast. Form can be hard to predict, as veteran players retire and coaches look to bring in new blood. In recent years there’s been a surprising lack of correlation between World Cup performances and Six Nations form – England won both the 2012 and 2016 editions of the Six Nations despite dire performances in the World Cup just a few months previously.

All of which goes to say you should take my predictions this year with an even larger pinch of salt than you normally do. Nonetheless, here’s my analysis of the six teams, and my predictions on how they’ll do. Continue reading “Six Nations 2020 – Team Guide and Predictions”

Cats – review

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The first film I ever walked out of was also the first one I ever saw in cinema. I can’t have been any older than two, and my mum took me to see Aladdin, thinking that it would would no doubt be an enjoyable animated experience for a young kid. No such luck. Two-year-old me was absolutely terrified by the snarling tiger-face of the Cave of Wonders and immediately burst into tears. We left after about five minutes, my mum no doubt ruing the wasted price of tickets. Continue reading “Cats – review”